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I’ve always been a note taker. There’s just something about having a pen or pencil in my hand and recording what I hear or experience that just brings things alive for me.  I have notebooks and journals full of hand scribbled notes, ideas, and doodles.  It’s fun to see that a couple of my kids are drawn to the same creative process and desire.

Although I’ve always taken notes during church sermons and Bible studies but I’ve not really journaled onto the pages of my Bible other than the typical underlining and a few quick notes in the margin.  I had always saved my thoughts for recording in a separate notebook or journal.  But thanks to fellow artist Stephanie Ackerman I’ve been introduced to a whole new world of actually doing creative journaling IN my Bible.  My favorite new group on Facebook is the Journaling Bible Community organized by artist Shanna Noel.  It has changed the way I come to God’s Word each day.

Don’t get my wrong… As a Christian I should be coming to His Word with excitement and anticipation everyday, but if I’m honest I will admit it isn’t always that way.  Even though I know each time I do I will be blessed.  Maybe it’s just the artist in me that is so drawn to this new process… maybe it’s just the season I’m in and the realization that life is so short and I need to focus on what’s most important… maybe it’s the challenge from our Pastor to spend more quality time with the Lord… maybe it’s the Holy Spirit that’s been prompting me to make art that is more faith focused and life changing and in order to do that I need to immersed in His Word daily.  Whatever it is, all I know is I now find myself craving time with the Lord wanting to soak up every good thing He has for me.

I hope to share in future blog posts more about my process and how this has changed my life but for now I just wanted to share with you a peek of my first Bible journaling page.  First I will share… Did you know there are actually Journaling Bibles available with larger margins for you to journal in?  When I discovered this it totally opened up the doors to doing creative jouranling and art in my Bible!

The Journaling Bible I have is the ESV Journaling Bible from Amazon.  I purchased the single column, but now kinda wish I would have just went with the standard two column.  There are a number of options depending on your budget and what you like.  Mine is just a black hardcover because it was in my budget but you can get other options including leather.  I was also thinking I wanted to “anita-fy” the cover so I went with the hardcover.  The NIV Note-Takers Bible is another popular Bible for this creative process.

God Is

I will admit it was a little scary creating that first entry and still is, but as my friend Kathy would say… just do it!  I do have to remind myself that it’s not about perfection, how pretty it is or what I use to create with… it’s about time with the Lord and creating something that inspires me, reminds me of His promises and glorifies Him.  Those of you who know me know I struggle with this and maybe getting past that alone is why the Lord has drawn me to this.  I can’t even tell you how many blog post, creative projects and ideas I’ve not shared because I feel they are not perfect.  I’m learning that if I wait to get it perfect or for the perfect timing it will never happen and I know that I’ve missed out on blessings in life because of this fear.  It’s a good thing my Jesus loves me unconditionally with all my fears and imperfections.  So… with that I’m stepping out and sharing my Bible Journaling with you… imperfections and all…  in hopes to inspire you to maybe join me on this journey.  Make sure you check out the wonderful Bible Journaling Community on Facebook to see even more about this creative process.  You will be amazed at the inspirational creative journaling you will see.

God Is Light_Bible

For my first page I think I was drawn to the scripture in 1 John because of the fear I had… of walking into the darkness of something new.  Putting my faith out there especially in my art is a scary thing to do.  The fears of how it will be received by others and the possible rejection of my art and myself is sometimes so overwhelming I questioned myself if I should even do it at all.  God has drawn me to a number of scriptures reminding me that if I did this WITH and IN Him to glorify Him, that my path would be lit and I would find my way.  A big part was for me to confess to him my fears and feelings of being inadequate.  Which I have come to realize was actually a pride thing as it’s not about me at all… but all about Him.  I’m am so thankful for His patience with me…

If I Confess My Sins_Bible

Since I know you will ask about the creative process…  I used what I had on hand and since I’m a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator this gives me another wonderful opportunity to use up all the awesome supplies I already have. I made the sun by making a stencil.  I simply punched out a circle on a piece of cardstock and then placed the cardstock on my page and sponged within the punched out circle with ink. When I lifted the cardstock vola! I have a sun.  I added the rays with the same process of laying down strips of cardstock and sponging ink within the strips to make the rays.  I love that that our Classic Ink is transparent so I can still clearly read the scripture words beneath.

Walk in the Light_Bible

Other supplies I used in addition to to our Classic Ink and punches are rubber stamps, washi tape, stickers and embellishments from our new Project Life by Stampin’ Up! as well as markers to highlight and journal with.

God Is Light_My Bible

We can visit my STAMP WITH ANITA online store for all these supplies.  I am more than happy to help you choose products that are best for you.  But if you don’t have what I have used please don’t let that stop you from doing this.  Use what you have on hand.      PLxSU_Little

Thank you for letting me share a part of my faith journey combined with my creative process with you today.  I would love you to leave a comment to let me know your thoughts.

By the way… Only 41 Days Till Christmas… and we celebrate the birth of Jesus!

Blessings and Happy Stampin!
Anita Haines


9 thoughts on “Bible Journaling

  1. Heather

    Wow this is so awesome! I have been so inspired by the group, my bible came in to family christian so my husband is picking it up on his way home. I am not an artistic person at all but love this and just knowing that the little doodles and writing will help me to memorize the Word so I am anxious to get started. Thanks for sharing yours with us!

  2. Cherie

    Anita, congratulations on your first page. It is beautiful. I’m just starting out as well, and I have been just as excited to sit, doodle, and contemplate the verses I am illustrating!

  3. Andrea Cimino

    Someone just showed me an example of Faith journaling from Darlene Schacht’s (Timewarp Wife) blog and I loved it. I had to see more and you came up under a Google search! I’m going to have to do more research but it looks like a wonderful way to get into the Word everyday! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Anita

      Thank you Andrea. This had been a wonderful process for me as well. I’m eager to get into the Word and see what the Lord has for me. I’m also learning it doesn’t have to be perfect… just do it. It’s not perfect and I’m not perfect and that’s ok. I have a bad habit of not doing something till I think it’s perfect and the Lord is teaching me to just make that first step and He will honor that step of faith. Otherwise, I remain stuck and that’s not what the Lord wants for me.

    1. Anita

      Hi Leslie, I’m not sure if you had seen my reply about where to find a journaling Bible… I purchased my journaling Bible on Amazon. Check my post above and click on the links in the post and it’ll take you to the one I bought and some others you might be interested in.

  4. stampwithanita Post author

    Leslie I purchased my journaling Bible on Amazon. Check my post above and click on the links in the post and it’ll take you to the one I bought and some others you might be interested in.

  5. Bethany Jett

    So happy to have found your page. I’m about to buy my own journaling Bible but I was curious – I haven’t seen the inside of a 2-column journaling Bible. Not sure exactly what that means. Also – how transparent are the pages with the doodles and ink? Really see-through? Bleed-through?

    1. stampwithanita Post author

      A 2-column is what almost all other bibles are. It’s just the way the type is layed out within two columns. Open any bible and you will see. Journaling bibles have the added extra wide margin to journal and draw within. The Journaling Bible I have is just a one column. I wasn’t sure when I got it if I could get used to it since I was always used to the 2-column, but now after journaling in it for the past year I love it. Journaling Bible pages are a tad bit thicker than a regular bible, but bleed through really depends on what pens, paints, etc. that you use.


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