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Quick and Simple Spring Tablescape

Easter Table 2016

We had a blessed Easter with family and friends celebrating our Risen Lord.  It was such a treat to have ALL our kiddos home and even a few extra.  The pic above of our table shows the calm before the storm.  I think this is the first year I actually gave in and used paper and plastic plates. GASP!!!  I know…  I couldn’t believe it either.  But as I was setting up the table Saturday night I didn’t want to spend my time on Easter hand washing all those china dishes.  It’s okay to take a break some years and as our family continues to grow and move out our time with all of them here together is priceless. Continue reading

Cyber Monday Deals Are Here!!!

DoorBustersLastDay_www.stampwithanita.comUPDATE- The Blendabilities Bundle Doorbuster is SOLD OUT!

The Online Extravaganza Ends tomorrow!!!

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Project Life by Stampin’ Up!

April 15, 2014

The most exciting news was announced today!  Stampin’ Up! has partnered with the wonderful Becky Higgins to to bring us the real deal… authentic Project Life products in exclusive Stampin’ Up! colors and designs.  Woot! Woot!  How exciting is that!!!  I am over the moon about it and can’t wait to get my hands on it to start playing!  Yes… I am doing a happy dance today… even with all the snow on the ground… and it being tax day… it’s a good day!  Best news ever!!!!  You can read more about it on Becky’s Blog.

The best part is that you will not have to wait too long and will be able to order a selection of Project Life products starting May 1!   And with the launch of our new annual catalog on June 2, you’ll be able to buy from our complete line of Project Life products.

But if you’re as excited as I am and can’t wait that long then you need to join my team today. Stampin’ Up! demonstrators will be able to order the limited selection starting April 21.



image source

You know what I’ll be doing on the 21st!!!  I love that as a demonstrator I can order the products early and if you join my team you can too!  If you’ve already fallen’ in love with Project Life and have been using it yourself can you think of nothing better than becoming a demonstrator and not only saving but making money sharing something you already love and enjoy?  As Becky mentioned on her blog, “It’s one thing to tell someone about Project Life and explain how easy it really is.  It’s another thing to be able to sit down with someone and show them just how beautifully simple the scrapbooking process can be with Project Life.”  That’s what I am so excited about as a demonstrator… that I get to share this joy with all of you.  If you want to talk about becoming a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator contact me today.  I would love to share with you.  You can also find more info on my website.

You can be sure that I will be planning lots of fun events for of us Project Life Scrapbookers.  Until then, here’s hoping your tax day was a good day.  I know I am smiling from ear to ear!!!


Blessings and Happy Stamping!
Anita Haines

DIY Chocolate Butterflies

It’s been a Spring Break week for us here in Ohio. And if you know anything about Ohio you’ll know it’s a bit confused about what “Spring” means.  You know…. sunshine, warmth, singing birds, budding flowers.  If I’m honest I will admit that I’m a bit envious of all the beach and ocean view posts I’m seeing from friends all over facebook and Instagram.

Yep… This was our view in Ohio this week. Someone forgot the memo that it is Spring here.

Yep… That’s me… somewhere behind that cold and snow flurry blown hair… not the gentle ocean breeze I would prefer.

But there is one thing I’ve learned in life… ok maybe a few things.  Sometimes life doesn’t seem fair.  Sometimes life is difficult.  Sometimes life is ugly.  Sometimes you don’t get what you want.  Sometimes you can’t seem to find what you need.

Those are the times you have to seek… to find beauty.  Those are the times you may have to create beauty.  Those are the times you may even have to give what you need to find what you seek.  It is in those times you may not get what you want but instead you find out you will get what you needed all along.

So this Spring Break I had to choose to find the beauty in the season I am personally in at this time.  That season goes way beyond the weather.  There is beauty to be found… even in the cold “winter like” Spring of Ohio.

One place I find beauty in is creating quick and easy projects.  So that is where these fun DIY Chocolate Butterflies come in.  I created these for a Spring Event I had a couple years ago.

Look how fun they are!!! They were the perfect touch for my event to top off the cupcakes.  Let me show you just how quick and easy they were to make…

I just used chocolate chips and melted them down.  Follow the melting instructions on the package you purchase.  Once melted I placed them into an icing bag with a small circle decorating tip.  If you don’t have icing bags as I used here you can simply use a baggie and cut a tiny hole in the corner.  I found an image I wanted to use from my Stampin’ Up! Catalog then laid a piece of wax paper over the image and just traced it.  Once I had all the butterflies I needed I gently placed the wax paper onto a cookie sheet and placed in frig to harden.  Once they were harden I carefully peeled them up and placed them on top of my prepared cupcakes.  Quick and easy!  You could also do this with any of the candy melts that come in multiple colors as well as trace any other image you might need.  How fun is that!!!

So I encourage you to go find beauty in today… seek it out… and if you can’t find it I challenge you to create it.

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Scallop Tap Punch Card Closure
“Create what you seek but can not find”.

Blessings and Happy Creating!
Anita Haines

All The Lonely People { Part One }

February is considered the month of “love” and most of us just finished celebrating the day of love “Valentine’s Day”.  This can certainly be a day with mixed emotions.  For some it’s a fun day filled with gifts or tokens of love from a “valentine”.  But for others it’s a painful reminder that they are alone.  Some have even coined the day as “Single Awareness Day”.  We chuckle at this term, but for those who are struggling with loneliness it can really be a difficult time.


photo credit: Nicole C Haines

There is a huge difference between being alone and loneliness.  As a mom of six children I have definitely appreciated my little bouts of alone time.  At the same time, I will be completely honest with you… I’ve also experienced being in a room full of people and feeling incredibly alone.  All of us have struggled at one time or another with loneliness.  It’s when we find ourselves so isolated that we can’t seem to find our way out that it becomes a serious health risk.

photo credit: Nicole C Haines

photo credit: Nicole C Haines

Studies have shown isolation to be twice as dangerous as obesity.  It can impair our immune system and can lead to depression, heart disease, diabetes and even suicide.  In a time where social media is at an all time high we have become increasingly more socially isolated.  We hide behind all our posts of a perceived perfect life.  We find ourselves almost like an addiction coming back for more “friends” and “likes”.  Let’s be honest here, it’s natural to want a positive response to what we post.  I’ll admit I do.

photo credit: Nicole C Haines

photo credit: Nicole C Haines

But when we start to define our self worth by how many likes a post or photo gets we can easily become disillusioned.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love all the benefits and blessings of connecting and re-connecting with friends and family through social media and even now through this new Blog.  But I find myself more and more yearning for real life face-to-face interaction with people.  Some days I just need a real person with skin on to converse with or an authentic hug where you simply melt into someone… and my beloved MacBook or i-phone just don’t do it for me.

Using technology to connect is great and an answer to prayer for some.  But it should not be the only connection you have with others.  As a family we don’t allow phones at our dinner table so we can connect with one another.  I am so saddened when I am out to eat and see a table full of people focused on their screens instead of one another.  Life goes by too quickly to spend it in front of a screen all day.  I need intentional time with a real person.  Maybe it’s because all my kiddos are now in school full time, or because I work by myself from home, or maybe it’s just been this long winter and lack of sunshine we’ve had… but I can’t imagine that I’m alone on this.

What would happen if we all were to be intentional and real with connecting with others?  Maybe you will have to disconnect in order to connect?  This past year a number of my girlfriends didn’t realize how much they were missing out on until they decided to take a temporary break from technology including social media and watching TV.  I want to encourage and even challenge you {as well as myself} to just make an effort to reach out to someone else in some way.

You know… that friend you’ve been thinking about or always say you need to get together with.  It won’t happen by accident… be intentional and take the first step.  Go ahead and pick up the phone and give her a call, ask her to meet you for lunch, or sit down and write a letter or send a card with a note of encouragement ~ a hand stamped card with a hand written note inside is always a gift.  Writing seems to be a lost art.  I know I treasure anything I have with my mom’s hand writing on it.  As soon as I see her handwriting I can see her face and hear her voice.  Or go ahead and use technology and social media… send an encouraging text, email or message to lift someone up.  You never know what a perfect blessing it will be at just the right time.

{ Therefore encourage one another and build each other up. ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:11 }

Treasured hand written scriptures from my mom

“All The Lonely People” is continued in Part Two HERE.

Blessings, Hugs & Happy Stamping!
Anita Haines