Fall Creative Retreat – Stamp Camp 2015 (part one)

I’m finally getting a chance to share pics from my Fall Retreat. I’m breaking it into a few posts. This first post will highlight the behind the scenes and set up before everyone else arrives.

The journey begins when I pack up my entire studio and my wonderful family helps me load it all up into our van and pilot and we head south to Camp Kirkwood.

IMG_3674  IMG_3738
IMG_3768  IMG_3730
I spend this first night transforming the space into a creative playground.
Even the Giant Paper Flowers make an appearance at camp.

IMG_3802  IMG_3743 (1)IMG_3722  IMG_3779
It’s important for me to create a cozy place for the gals as well.  Our string chandeliers were the perfect addition to add a little magic to the space.  Throw in soft blankets, pillows, “Take What You Need” sign and some beautiful words from a couple of Melody Ross’ books, “A Little Bird Told Me” & “You Are Going To Be Okay” you’ve got a comfy place for the gals to relax.
You can find Melody’s Books Here.

IMG_3668 (1)  IMG_3669
And YES! I was very proud of myself for getting this photo booth done.
It’s made from PVC pipes.  I used pipe cutters and everything!  Woot! Woot!  This was actually what we were going to have for Nicole’s wedding… but yeah… it didn’t get finished in time.  I already had all the supplies so I decided to go ahead and build it.  Add a “create” banner and it’s perfect for us to use here at Camp!  The first night went into the am so off to bed I went to get at least a little sleep before the ladies start to arrive the next afternoon.

Come Sit With Me_www.stampwithanita.com

And then there was this!  This was my view first thing in the morning…
simply breathtaking… His mercies are new every morning.

IMG_3709 I think God often calls us to just be still… to come and sit with Him for a while.IMG_3710You could actually see the warmth of the sun slowly sweep the fog up off the lake.

IMG_3681Peeking out the window I spotted a mama doe and her fawn as they were enjoying the crisp morning dew on the lawn.

IMG_3691…and another quick glimpse of this little visitor before dashing into the woods.
The Lord knew I needed a sense of peace.  The perfect beginning to a beautiful Fall weekend.

IMG_3760  IMG_3729
I spent the rest of my set up day making new display boards… with just one minor mishap.  Nothing a few extra large Bandaids and some Neosporin couldn’t handle.  lol

Hello beautiful Ohio Fall… Your colors are lovely. Soon the ladies will be joining me!
Come back soon to see more pics.

Blessings and Happy Stampin!
Anita Haines
Stamp With Anita
Team Leader/The United Stampers of America614-554-9297


“Every time I go to work, I end up at a party!”



3 thoughts on “Fall Creative Retreat – Stamp Camp 2015 (part one)

  1. Bobbie Clevinger

    Anita your awesome creativity even shows up in your photos. It was a beautiful retreat and the pictures make me yearn for next year ! Thank you for all the hard work you do to make this happen. It does not go unnoticed.

    1. stampwithanita Post author

      Awh, thank you Bobbie! It is one of my favorite gatherings with such wonderful ladies. I too am looking forward to next year.

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