Fall Creative Retreat – Stamp Camp 2015 (part two)

Back again today to share a little more from last months Fall Retreat.
You can take a peek at Part One HERE.

Creative Retreat at Kirkwood Camp www.stampwithanita.com
This was our incredible view all weekend overlooking the lake with all the slender and color of the Fall leaves reflecting in it’s waters. Simply breathtaking and a reminder of how good it is to take time to not only come here and create, but be still and take in all it’s beauty.

Stamp Camp Fall Retreat www.stampwithanita.com
Looking at this pic I can still recall just how refreshing and comforting it was to stop and breathe in deeply all this goodness and exhale with peace.

Fall Retreat - www.stampwithanita.comAnd there was just as much beauty inside with all these lovely ladies creating beautiful things.
There is just a special buzz when creativity and friendship is happening all at once!

Fall Retreat - www.stampwithanita.com
Table Buddies - www.stampwithanita.com  FallRetreatTableBuddies - www.stampwithanita.com
TableBuddies - www.stampwithanita.com  fall retreat - www.stampwithanita.com

A few more pics of things that brought a smile to my face over the weekend…
Special tokens of kindness and friendship were spotted

Happy Fall www.stampwithanita.com  "Stigma" www.stampwithanita.com Fur Suiting www.stampwithanita.com  Stigma Fur Suit www.stampwithanita.com

And even “Stigma” made an appearance. It was a blessing that Natalie was with me for the weekend finishing up her “Stigma” fur suit. It is amazing how talented she is. As I sit and write this Blog post, I am also a reminded to not take any minute of any day for granted, because in this moment she doesn’t have the strength to stand let alone be able to work on any projects. I recently did a Blog post HERE on our ongoing struggle and journey with health issues.
Over the years I’ve had a number of gals attend my retreat who were struggling with various health issues and it’s nice that everything is under one roof to make it easier for them to attend. And honestly there is just something special and healing about this sacred place.


Oh… Did I mention how yummy the food is!!! We were well feed for sure!
Tim is an AMAZING chef and host for the weekend!

homemade chicken-n-dumplings www.stampwithanita.com
This may not be the best pic, but let me tell you… Tim’s homemade Chicken-n-Dumplings were the bomb! Craving them as we speak! Not to mention that pecan pie with homemade whipped cream! Anyone else hungry right now? lol

  Tailgating at Camp www.stampwithanita.com  tailgatingAtCamp_www.stampwithanita.com  chocolatefoutain-www.stampwithanita.com
inside smores www.stampwithanita.com  smores www.stampwithanita.com

And of course you can’t watch a Buckeyes’ game without having a tailgate party “camp style”, along with our a chocolate fountain and indoor campfire for roasting marshmallows!

I leave this last pic with you today as I need to go figure out what we will be enjoying tonight as we watch the Buckeyes play again. Come back soon to check out PART 3 where I will share with you some of the photo booth fun we had as well as a peek into some of the fun projects that were created over the weekend. Till then…

O – H – I- O   GO BUCKS!!!!

Blessings and Happy Stampin!
Anita Haines
Stamp With Anita
Team Leader/The United Stampers of America614-554-9297


“Every time I go to work, I end up at a party!”


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